The Well was launched for people who may not like "churchy people, churchy stuff or churchy churches."

Here’s a little about us.  We believe that God is active in the world.  But that doesn’t mean we’re going to shout at you, dance oddly, talk gibberish, wear pinky rings and shiny suits, use words like “anointment” (or other churchy language), brain wash you, mess up your family, serve you strange juice, handle snakes…we say all that because we’ve seen how some churches are portrayed on TV, ummm, reality TV that is.  And sadly, some people have had experiences like the extreme examples mentioned when they’ve visited church.  The truth is, we probably have more in common with you than you’d think.  We love God and love people.  If that’s weird, then okay, I guess we’re a weird church.


Like other churches, Sundays are a worship service.  We serve a complimentary brunch every Sunday 30 minutes before service start time with GREAT coffee.  We sing songs and play instruments—feel free to sing along.  The messages are relevant, humorous, and easily translate to everyday life outside the church.  While the adults are in service, our children are in safe, clean, and loving environments where they will have fun and learn about Jesus. 

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4971 E. I20 Service Rd. North, Suite 100

Willow Park TX 76087 

hello@thewellaledo.com // 682-350-3588